Jensen’s Format Writing DVD

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I have a few of these that are flawed.  In the first lecture my words and mouth movements are out of synch.  The rest of the disc is fine.  I will include for free one of these flawed discs with each order of Jensen’s Format Writing.  If you want just the disk and no book, I will charge $5 which includes shipping and handling.

This DVD contains twelve lectures and is meant to supplement, not replace, the Jensen’s Format Writing book.  It has a presentation on how to score student writing using the analytical keys and goes through the process with you.  It contains overviews of the various sections in the book and does some teaching and explaining, but it is also motivational for the student.  Most of the material covered in the DVD is in the book, but there are a couple of things that are not.  Most people find the DVD helpful.  It was created due to popular demand.

This product is now available at New Leaf Publications,